I cannot believe that there is anything about putting that the golf world has not yet tried. To date I have no memory of anyone emailing me or in person telling me of the fantastic improvements they have made in there putting since they bought the ………..

However.  That does not mean I do not believe in training devices, I honestly do, but only if they help to explain to the golfer what the golfer is doing correct as apposed to giving the device the credit.

What the golf world has not yet bought into but someday will, is that your average score will only start coming down when you understand how what you are doing is the reason for the lower scores.

I have a new project starting as of Sept 15th, the concept is to get better knowledge not harder work to help you in lowering your scoring average.

To prove to you that what has been holding you back is not your talent but instead incorrect information.

The new project will have my team put together the information in packages like you have never seen before, the packages will consist of The worlds best explanations, fantastic pictures and game plans that will allow you to use your time productively.

Keep login in The truth is coming soon.


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