How do you politely say

How do you politely say, that the current way golf is being taught sucks. at 53 years old and having played this game for over 40 years and taught for 35 of them I have earned the right to make that statement.

Knowing what I know now I feel it is a crime how much the general teaching profession does not know and or how poorly we pass on the message.

I hope you stay with me, the rest of my life I am going to prove this statement, in a year from now I want all that follow me to look back at this writing and be able to say WOW he did it.

Starting Sept 15th I will launching an all out assault on the teaching and learning of golf, I have and am seeking help to make this happen, with the correct combination of people we can together set the golf world on it’s ear.

If you have a talent that you believe might help with this project I am all ears.


One Response to “How do you politely say”

  1. bob iaquaniello Says:

    I’m in.

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