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Told You

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Yesterday I said it wouldn’t take Tiger long to get back. Sean understands the style of swing Tiger needs to get back too. It is not a swing change , it is a swing re . Sean will get him back to what he was working towards with Butch. However do not be surprised if he gets doing it better than he did with Butch. Tiger and Sean will either hit it off great or Tiger will end up beating Sean up. You have two very large ego’s going at it here.

For my take on what you will see Tiger moving towards click


Tigers Change

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It really should not take Tiger long to make the new changes. What Sean will be telling him will be very similar to what Butch was saying in 2000, therefore it is more of a restructure than a change.

How do you politely say

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How do you politely say, that the current way golf is being taught sucks. at 53 years old and having played this game for over 40 years and taught for 35 of them I have earned the right to make that statement.

Knowing what I know now I feel it is a crime how much the general teaching profession does not know and or how poorly we pass on the message.

I hope you stay with me, the rest of my life I am going to prove this statement, in a year from now I want all that follow me to look back at this writing and be able to say WOW he did it.

Starting Sept 15th I will launching an all out assault on the teaching and learning of golf, I have and am seeking help to make this happen, with the correct combination of people we can together set the golf world on it’s ear.

If you have a talent that you believe might help with this project I am all ears.

Tigers New Teacher

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At one time Sean Foley used to credit me for helping to guide his teaching. Since making it big, he has taken the attitude that no one helped him. If Tiger will listen I have no doubt that Sean’s knowledge will help him get back to where he was in the early 2000’s

Next week I will be starting my own series on what I would do if I were teaching Tiger. It will be posted on my site.




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When do we get past the outward optics of the swing and get a chance to get into the real stuff. lately I seem to have a lot of students looking for the truth to why they are not scoring better. All to seldom do I get enough golfers interested in looking within to find some answers.

We all seem to always want to blame our  swings or our putting, we do not want to admit we get scared to score better than we are used to doing.  Over the next year I am going to take a real run at showing us golfers how to finally learn how to break thru our comfort zone and get that hdcp moving downwards.

Yes we can override the nerves system.