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Thats Not Anywhere Close To Normal

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Okay its confirmed. He’s an Alien. I used to kid that Tiger is not human, that he is an Alien. I don’t think I am joking anymore, and the interesting thing is that I believe a lot of you out there are thinking the samething. 

I remember the TV show the outer limits,weird things would happen to normal human beings or someone would make a deal with the Devil to buy something, lets say like a dozen putts to be made at the discretion of the human.

One of these days they are going to make a documentary on all the timely putts Tiger has made going back to his 3 US junior Ams and his 3 US Ams  and or the putts the other guys missed and then they should ask the Los Vegas odds makers the odds of this happening to a normal human being.Answer (not possible)

Just review this pasts weeks event. The 16 th & 18 th holes for example, what he did there on Saturday would be a career for most tour players. He makes that putt on 18 and then Jason Gore makes double to let Tiger play in the last group on Sunday with Sean OHare,(give me a break).

Sunday. Those up and downs,WoW, did you see that putt he made on the par 3 on the back 9, that putt was going all over the place until the last 2 inches .

The man is amazing. But one of these days he is going to hit a golf shot that is going to be so impossible that it totally confirms my suspicion that he just isn’t from this planet.

I still say that chip he made on 16 at The Masters didnt really happen, it was actually staged in a Holly Wood Studio and paid for by Nike.


Results Follow Form

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Results Follow Form

I could see how this could seem to be inaccurate. Many golfers have what looks like great form, but constantly hit bad shots. I suggest to you that they should keep their form but sharpen up on impact. The chances are really good that these golfers have a good eye for the big picture, but not so good for the little picture – impact. This is very common. I think maybe that many have used these people to then suggest that form doesn’t matter. As the tour players improve, and they will improve, you will start to notice their swings getting more uniformed. We will surely comment that they’re all robots and we no longer have any individuals, but remember as we say this they are getting better. I think the game may suffer because seeing individuals is more interesting than seeing a bunch of extremely fit athletes knocking the pin down all day, kind of like they are now doing with their wedges. Wait 10 years and they will be doing it with their 3 woods.

What is going to happen is the golfers who care to get really good are going to have access to very accurate information guided by top notch training ideas, and although they may not enter the project trying to immolate a known player’s swing, the finished products will resemble one another. At some point they are not immolating, they are duplicating.

For more on Form follows function / results follow form:

Learning The Golf Swing

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The most effective way to learn almost anything is to break it down into smaller sections , learn that section and then move onto the next section until the total is learned.



Maybe it is because it is only a game it is not treated as it should be if the true intent is to get good at it. We the golf profession continue to produce golf professionals that are good at the finances of running a golf course, but when it comes to what I believe to be the most important job of a golf professional (teaching) they are trained to give fast fixes, not how to build a golf swing. Therefore we have created a learning coultier of failure.


The golf swing is science and therefore can be broken into pieces, each piece can be given a responsibility , under this concept the player can improve on the piece or the section of the motion that is not functioning at the level that is wanting.

Let it be understood that what was just stated makes getting good easier not tougher.


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I just finished watching a few minutes of a putter infomercial. What erks me the most is that we must be buying these things , or they wouldn’t keep airing the commercial. If you are a bad putter the chances are great that it is not the putter but the putty (you). If this is the case what needs to change is either your stroke or your alignments or both. The truth is that what is needed is the combination of a great explanation of what correct is and a training system that matches the explanation. Here’s the problem. If it is your stroke, it is impossible to fix it if your alignments (eyes) are out of wak. Step #1 Get your eyes on straight. Step#2 Practice with something that guantees the line is correct. Step #3 Be patient, it is going to take time to change what you have become comfortable with. You will need to conform to the new.

I apologize to you for leaving this without a better answer. We have created such a system but I have to waite for the patend to go thru. You know , somebody might steel the idea . Nice.

Rory who

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The kid looks like he may be the real deal, however he is so young and so many things can happen between now and manhood. It is interesting to hear what some of the players have to say about him , Geoff Ogilvy was raving about him and we need to realize that these tour players are not in the habit of throwing around compliments without good reason. 

It is going to be fun watching this very young man , especially the first time he gets paired with Tiger .

It’s not in the Atlantic

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The reason they can’t find the lost city of Atlantis is because they are looking in the wrong ocean.

It’s like the golf swing, the answers have always been right in front of our faces but we have chosen not to see them. Most of the golfers that like my teachings are avid golfers so if I mentioned the famous picture of Ben Hogan at the top of his backswing with his back facing you there is a good chance you would know which picture I am referring to. I challenge you to look at that picture and tell me that Mr Hogan has his weight on his back foot. It is amazing how so many golfers have idolized Mr Hogan, looked at this picture but still went to the practice tee trying to load their right side.

An then Stack and Tilt comes out. Mike and Andy are correct , but to think that this is a new concept is simply not true. The way I see it , the true problem with getting really good at golf is that we don’t know what we did right when we did it right.

For the first time ever I will reveal Ben Hogans secret. His Brain,  his determination , his stubbornness. Not his swing